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Arcasia architecture awards

ARCASIA Architecture Awards 2017

ARCASIA Architecture Awards AAA (2017) is aimed at acknowledging exemplary work done by architects working in Asia. In doing so, it encourages the sustenance of the Asian spirit, the development and improvement of the Asian built environment and enhancement of the awareness of the role of architecture and architects in the socio-economic and cultural life of Asian countries.

ARCASIA originated initially during the 1967 commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) New Delhi Conference. An urgent need was felt for the establishment of a regional centre that would be concerned with environmental design and unity among the six Asian member institutes of the CAA. The six Asian Institutes (the founding members) were India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong. The proposal was for a centre for Environmental and Technical advancement (CETA) and for the establishment of an ARCASIA Formation council.

Many of the current member institutes of ARCASIA already belong to the Union International Architects (UIA) being an international organization and integral with UNESCO. arcasia architecture awards

Categories of Arcasia Architecture Awards

  • Residential Projects
  • Public Amenity Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Conservation Projects
  • Social Responsible Architecture
  • Sustainability
  • Interiors
  • Architecture Un-Built

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Arcasia architectre awards

Ar. Guneet Singh Khurana is a visionary architect, author, educator and currently working in Design Arch as Principal Architect. He holds degree Bachelor's in Architecture from Department of Architecture, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. His creative approach and interest in designing inspired him to pursue future in field of architecture. He has over five years of extensive experience in the field of architecture and urban design. He is the founder of (a resource portal, founded in June 2008, dedicated to providing information and knowledge to the growing community of architecture, interior design, landscape and planning). He is recipient of the PAFE Award for excellence in the field of Environment friendly architecture and University Scholarship for excellence in academics.

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