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Kolkata science city

Kolkata Science City Museum

The Kolkata Science City museum was conceived by the National Council of science museum and its first of its kind of an educative and entertainment park set up in India. The site is located at the junction of eastern metropolitan bye pass and park circus connector with ITC Shonar Bangla Sheraton and towers in the front and energy park on its eastern side. Almost a rectangular shaped site is formed on the barren garbage dump land with degraded soil on top 6m layer of the site.

  • Architects- Development Consultants pvt. Ltd.
  • Completed- 1997

Science city kolkata site map

Architectural Form-:

A variety of shapes is chosen for different blocks gives each block a separate identity but does not complement the Kolkata Science City. The domical form of the space Odyssey and the descending spiral of the Dynamotion hall resemble a massive ziggurat. The convention center is in the form of two split spheroids depicting a titled saucer and a huge truncated spherical cone rising one behind the other. The science park is square in nature.

Here is a presentation (CASE STUDY) on the Kolkata Science City

Kolkata science city from archistudent portal
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