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Presentation on B.V. Doshi

B.V. Doshi

Over the years Ar. B.V. Doshi has created architecture that relies on a sensitive adoption and refinement of modern architecture within an Indian context. The relevancy of his environmental and urban concerns make him unique as both a thinker and teacher. Architectural scale and massing, as well as a clear sense …

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Town Planning Concept – Shahjahanabad

Delhi is a city that has seen both glory and destruction in its long. It has been plundered, ruined time and again only to spring from its ashes to become the capital of powerful dynasties.  Fortunately, the resilient and enduring culture and heritage has withstood the test of time and …

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Presentation on Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson was born in 1906, Cleveland, Ohio. He was the man of his ideas and promoted architecture a lot. Here is a presentation on Philip Johnson and his Works….. – GLASS HOUSE , NEW CANAAN(1949) – KNESES TIFERETH ISRAEL SYNAGOGUE, PORT CHESTER, NY – FOUR SEASON RESTAURANT, SEAGRAM BUILDING, …

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Sikh Architecture – Golden temple Complex, Amritsar

Golden Temple - Sikh Architecture

Sikh Architecture is an amalgamation of religious architecture of the buildings of the faith and traditional Indo-Sarsenic style. It includes all the buildings serving the devotional, ritualistic and religious functions of the Sikh Community. We can spot any Sikh temple from distance by seeing a flag mast (Nishan Sahib) which …

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Construction detail of Lift Elevator

Drawing of lift elevator

Lift Elevator Structural Component of Lifts :- There are majorly 3 main components of a lift elevator. Moist way or shaft or lift well Machine Room Lift lit Terminology :- Lift car Pit Lift lope ways V groove U-groove Lift Car Counter Weight Driving Sheaves/Pulley Hoist Rope Guiding Rails- in which …

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