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Le Corbusier

Presentation on Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier – The legendary architect of India
•Charles Edouard Jeanneret is popularly known as Le Corbusier. He was born on 6th October 1887 at La Chaux De Fonds in Swissjura Mountains Kms from French Border.
•He started working under Contractor Perret.
•He as a child prepared himself for a manual occupation.
•He left his school at the age of 13½ yrs and joined an art school later.
Le Corbusier Quote
Corbusier lived in Ideology –

~ The Pilotis – which means columns helped to redefine the house as a matter of form and function

~ Roof Gardens – usually known as Hanging garden and reason of technique, economy and comfort lead to the adoption of the roof terrace and roof garden

~ Free Floor Plans – Le Corbuiser suggested a complete independence of structural support Architectural “Infill”

~ Elongated Windows – Le Corbusier’s obsession with the form of the facade long windows that is totally independent of structure

~ Free Facade – Pillars retreated from the facade to the inside of the house i.e the Facade became no more than Light Membrane.

~ The Modular System and Planning ratios – The Modular was a system of Proportioning worked out by Corbusier essentially the Modular is a series of proportions not unlike the golden section used  by  Ancient Greeks

Here is a presentation on Ar. LE CORBUSIER and his worksChandigarh Monument by Corbusier

– Villa Savoye, Poissy (France), 1931
– Swiss Students Hostel, 7 Boulevard Jourdan, Cite Universitauire (Paris), 1930-1932
– Manorama Sarabhai House, Ahmadabad  (India), 1955
– Shodhan House, Ahmadabad (India), 1956
– Unite D’ Habitation
– Notre-Dam-Du-Haut, Ronchamp (Europe)
– Mill owners association, Ahmadabad (India), 1954
– Salvation Army Refuge (Paris), 1929
– Chandigarh Master Planning
– The Secretariat, Capitol Complex, High Court, Assembly Hall, Chandigarh (India), 1958
– Sector-17, Chandigarh (India), 1958
Le corbusier from archistudent portal
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