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Expectation Vs. Reality : Design Tips for newly-graduated Architecture Student

Design tips for architecture students

Design Tips for the Newly – Graduated Architecture Student The difference between expectation and reality is an important subject to consider as a new architect. Chances are high that after 5 to 6 years of schooling to achieve your degree, you’ve already experienced some of your expectations about the glamorous …

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CP KUKREJA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018 - celebrating architecture

CP Kukreja Photography Awards 2018 is a prestigious photography competition conducted by Foundation for Design Excellence. The award attempts to honour varied visual styles and interpretations by photographers, architects, designers and enthusiasts to acknowledge disciplines as varied as Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Public Art, Construction Engineering, Urban Sociology and …

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ARCHITECTURE as a Thinking

Architecture as a thinking

Architecture is all about thinking. The more you think about the solutions of any architectural problem, the more architectural feelings you will get to design. Thinking depends upon the perception & perception gradually increases with experiences. Just because of acquiring some personal opinion, we architects generally thought some quotes to …

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Epoxy Flooring for Hotel, Restaurant or Commercial Places

epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring – The Best Solution for Your Hotel, Restaurant or Club Flooring has become a crucial part of interior design projects. Within a factory setting where the flooring can become subjected to a lot of wear and tear, choosing the correct flooring becomes very important. The same goes for …

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Ancient Chinese Yoga of Home – Feng Shui

Casa Aura feng shui

Feng Shui & Ancient Chinese Yoga (Science of human body) Yoga is a amalgamation of mental, physical, spiritual practices or disciplines for peaceful body and mind. It was originated in Ancient India (Pre-Vedic Indian Tradition). If our energy of body is balanced and fully activated, there can be no physical or psychological …

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Role of Architects in delivering Responsible Design

Role of architects in delivering responsible design

The Role Of Architects In Delivering Responsible Design Everyone believes that growing cities are basic key to all our societal challenges and changes such as: Economic Growth and Job Creation Social Inclusion and Quality of Life Sustainable Development and Climate Adaptation Sustainable Land use Management and Soil Sealing Reduction Heritage …

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