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Zero Energy Building: Concept and Features

Zero Energy Building

Zero Energy Building, also known as NZEB (net zero energy building) or net zero building or ZNE (zero net energy) building, is a building with zero net energy consumption which means that the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable …

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East Africa Green Building Conference 2017

East Africa Green building conference 2017

Green Building Conference 2017 Tanzania Green Building Council is organizing the second run of the EAGBC on the 17th of February 2017 in Zanzibar. The Conference is served as a platform to propel the green building momentum in East Africa through education, awareness as well as collaborations with key industry players …

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The GRIHA Summit 2017

GRIHA is an acronym for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. GRIHA is a Sanskrit word meaning – ‘Abode’. Human Habitats (buildings) interact with the environment in various ways. Throughout their life cycles, from construction to operation and then demolition, they consume resources in the form of energy, water, materials, …

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Parameters for Energy Efficiency

Parameters for energy efficiency

Parameters for Energy Efficiency: As in previous post, we discussed about the concepts of energy efficiency, here i am dealing with the design parameters for energy efficiency. Green building is a design process that grows out of a connection with the natural landscape. It is a set of informed decisions …

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Bioclimatic Architecture – Methods of Construction

Bioclimatic Architecture

Bioclimatic Architecture designs can be achieved in various methods.. A few of them like solar energy utilization and wind processing have been considered as expensive. Even though they need a higher investment it is time to realize their worth and need in the long run. For inexpensive methods there are a …

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Sky City One – China Plan to build the World’s Tallest Building in 90 days

Sky City One

SKY CITY ONE As we are advancing, so is our thoughts and ideas. This is what is being delivered in China where 220 storied World’s Tallest Building – Sky City One will be built in just 90 days. It will be a mixed use sustainable building where inhabitant could live on …

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Presentation on Green Architecture

Green Architecture

Green Architecture also known as “sustainable architecture” and “green building” is an approach to architectural design which emphasizes the place of the buildings with both local ecosystems & global environment. It aims to create environmental friendly and energy efficient buildings. It entails actively harnessing renewable natural resources like solar energy and utilizing …

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Creativity Unlimited : Scope of Architecture as a profession

creativity takes courage

Architecture as a profession is much sought after now-a-days…. Since the origin of mankind, a roof over one’s head had been one of the basic needs, the other two being food and clothing. Whether architecture as a profession existed in India may be debated but it was the artisans and …

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